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Hello you two,


I am Sophie and work as a professional wedding photographer in Erfurt, wedding photographer in Thuringia, Germany and internationally.


I'm glad you chose me for your special day. It is important to me that you completely trust me on your big day, that we are sympathetic and that I’m not just a service provider for you, but a friend. The goal for me as a wedding photographer Erfurt, wedding photographer Thuringia is to photograph your day as naturally as possible so that you do not notice me. I photograph in the story telling style. This means that I give your wedding as it really was: honest, realistic and natural. It would be nice if I could be there from the start and be able to accompany you from the Getting Ready photographically. This part of the wedding is unfortunately not noticed at all by many couples. This one hour before marriage is one of the most emotional of the entire wedding. Just imagine how you just dress your bridal gown, the lip gloss is refreshed again or to tie the fly and the groom's glance once again glides into the mirror to check whether the hair really looks perfect, with the only thought in the head that you give the yes-word to the love of your life. You also have a seamless transition to the wedding ceremony in your pictures. Also important to me are the couple photo shooting of you. The evening hours have the perfect light. I am a fan of the golden hour and love it when the sun begins to stand deep. The large part of my pictures are created for this reason in the evening. For me, there is also no problem to photograph outside your celebration location. Good for you, because you can switch off and just have a few moments for you. For this reason, I travel relatively early to you on your wedding day to look around and find the perfect location.


When I photograph your wedding, no one will stand in my way. You do not need to be afraid of the camera. I would like to emphasize again that I am not a fan of placed photos. I want to keep the day as it really is. Group images can also be loose and relaxed. However, group photos with me are not in the foreground, which does not mean that we do not. From experience I know that most of the guests are annoyed, especially those who do not like to be photographed. Otherwise, do not be afraid to speak to me on the day, if you would like to make a few pictures with people who are important to you.


Also in relation to the duration of your wedding photo reportage you can contact me. For the entire day, a full-day wedding reception of 8 hours is best. But also smaller accompaniments are possible as well as after wedding photo shootings.


Before your wedding we will get to know each other personally. We would be happy to meet you at a personal meeting or via Skype. One week before the wedding, we will go through your day again and discuss all the details.


You can also book me as a photographer before. For a couple photo shooting or engagement photo shooting. These shoots increase the pleasure and you get to know me at the same time in my work. Also, these images are perfect for your invitation cards.

I am a big fan of unusual weddings and free wedding ceremonies and also love mediterranean weddings, boho weddings, vintage weddings, forest weddings. I like it when your day is written to a certain style. Have a look at my pinterest account, there you can get lots of inspiration or on my blog.


I am happy to accompany you on this day as a make-up artist. I am specialized in natural bridal makeup, soft falling curls and romantic braid. Please contact me. This is also a big advantage if you consider an after-wedding foto shot because I can restore your styling from the wedding day.




If you have any further questions, you would like to get to know me or to book me, then write me a mail or contact me via the contact form.

Your wedding photographer Sophie

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